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Saturday, Nov 3rd & 10th -- Balance & Fall Prevention Workshop
Wednesday, Nov 28th - Stress / Energy and Your Adrenals 


Workshop: Energy / Stress, and Your Adrenals

Wednesday November 28th 6:00-7:00 pm
Envision Personalized Health
Workshop  Educator: Emily Poccia ND 
Naturopathic Doctor
Cost $35    (includes healthy snacks, & swag bag of coupons and samples for preregistered participants) 

 Feeling Fatigued?  Want More Energy?

Is important to know that fatigue is a symptom…NOT the problem. 
Symptoms are a way of the body telling us that something is wrong.
The goal is to figure out why these symptoms are happening.

By addressing areas such as: 
• Adrenal Fatique
• Thyroid Imbalances / Deficencies
• Vitamin D Deficiency
• Iron Deficiency
• Nutrient Deficiency/ Mal-absorption
Solving the root problem, and you can move your health to more vibrant living and better energy.
Join us on Wednesday Nov 28th 6:00-7:30pm for a workshop with Dr. Emily Poccia, ND to learn how you can boost your energy naturally.
Education :
As a licensed naturopathic doctor Emily received her medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ in 2014. Trained as a primary care doctor, with an emphasis on natural modalities and other principles, She believes in treating the whole person and getting to the root cause of disease. Throughout her 4 years in medical school, she became an expert in the importance of diet and lifestyle and how to support the body using modalities like botanical medicine, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and more. Most importantly she learned to treat people, not diseases. Naturopathic medicine is so unique because it allows us to use different tools and therapies to best support each individual. It is a heart-based medicine with you at its best interest.  Prior to medical school Emily  attended Syracuse University and received her bachelors in Health and Exercise Science. She has always been interested in how the body works and how it’s all connected.

To make an appointment with Emily, or register for the workshop,  please contact Envision Personalized Health 1(619)-229-9695



Fitness, Wellness and Spa Specials

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