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Ghee Recipe

Ghee is an important part of a healthy Ayurvedic diet, and it is easy to make too!

You will need:

  • 1 pound unsalted organic butter
  • heavy, medium-sized pan
  • a clean jar to store it in

Place butter in pan, heat on medium flame until the butter melts. Once butter boils turn down the heat and continue to cook. Do not cover the pot. The butter will foam and sputter while it cooks.

As it cooks milk curds will begin to form on the bottom of the pot. The butter will begin to smell like popcorn and turn a lovely golden color.

Watch the ghee closely so it doesn't burn. As you continue cooking the ghee, it will become a clear. Take a clean dry spoon to move away some of the foam on top in order to see if ghee is clear through to the bottom.

When it is clear and has stopped sputtering and making noise, it needs to be taken off the heat. Let it cool until warm. Pour it through a fine sieve or layers of cheesecloth into a clean, dry glass container with a tight lid, discarding the curds at the bottom of the saucepan.

The ghee is burned if it has a nutty smell and is slightly brown.

1 pound of butter takes about 15 minutes of cooking time.
Ghee can be kept on the kitchen shelf, covered. It does not need refrigeration.
Use only a dry, clean spoon to ladle out the ghee. As moisture from the spoon or in the jar will create conditions for bacteria to grow and spoil the ghee.
One pound of butter will fill a pint jar. According to Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque New Mexico.

"Ghee is a digestive. It helps to improve absorption and assimilation. It nourishes ojas, tejas and prana. It is good for improving memory and lubricates the connective tissue. Ghee makes the body flexible and, in small doses, is tridoshic. Ghee is a yogavahi—a catalytic agent that carries the medicinal properties of herbs into the seven dhatus or tissues of the body. Ghee pacifies pitta and vata and is acceptable, in moderation, for kapha. Persons who already have high cholesterol or suffer from obesity should be cautious in using ghee. Ghee is not to be used when there are high ama (toxic) conditions."


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