Envision Personalized Health

Health Coaching

Health Coaching is a Powerful Tool For Positive Change

Is your life invigorating, peaceful, and fulfilling?

Or do you suffer from things like: 
  • lack of energy
  • poor sleep
  • impaired digestion
  • excessive weight
  • lack of motivation
  • general unhappiness

Health coaching works on removing road blocks in our approach to foods, exercise, personal realtionships, and overall outlook on life. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention define wellness as "the degree to which one feels positive and enthusiastic about life".  

A health coach can enable you to create healthy, and sustainable behavior changes for better health, and happier life. Health coaches at Envision Personalized Health will challenge you to develop your inner wisdom, clarify your values, and transform your goals into action. Health coaching sessions use acountability,  positive psychology, active listening, and goal setting to create the changes you desire.

 Health coaches at Envision Personalized Health are certified by Institute of Intergrative Nutrition.


             Vickie Nickerson                                     John Hurrell