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Wellness Team

Vickie Nickerson CPT HHC

Owner: Envision Personalized Health

A leader in her industry, Vickie has nearly 30 years' experience in the development of personal fitness and wellness programs for clients. Vickie works with clients of all fitness levels and health needs. Her passion for teaching makes her not only an excellent personal trainer and mentor to her clients, but also a mentor also to other health and fitness professionals wishing to improve their skills. College students and certified personal trainers and other alternative health professionals utilize Vickie's experience and expertise with hands on learning internships at Envision Personalized Health. Current studies are in Ayurveda Wellness Counselor & Institute of Integrative Nutrition .

Vickie is dedicated to establishing a high quality of standards for selecting only qualified and caring personal trainers, estheticians, massage therapist, and health care professionals for her Private Wellness Center.


Ben Woods CPT

Certifed Personal Trainer

Ben is passionate about Health, Fitness, and Well-being. He has a unique gift in bringing out the best in his clients. His compassion and dedication to their goals, helps them to believe in themselves but allows them to achieve more that they ever believed they could. Hard work, compassion, and dedication are his trade marks. Injury prevention and recovery are things he is competent in working with, having recovered from tearing both ACLs. Nutritional guidance is included in his workouts. Ben enjoys training for Spartan races, going to the beach and doing art when he isn't training clients.


John Hurrell CPT, HHC

Certified Personal Trainer
Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

John’s life experiences provide him with a great passion to coach others with their own health, wellness and happiness.  His excitement for continuously improvement of health and well-being stem from his own success of managing diabetes for 15 years.  John utilizes compassion and understanding to assist clients to create an improved mobility and individual fitness level.  There is a love for making healthy cooking easier to learn and time efficient, which he is excited to share with his clients.


Jarrod Ildesa LAc.

Licensed Acupuncturist
Massage Therapist
Reiki Practitioner

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jarrod received his undergraduate degree in Legal Studies from U.C. Berkeley. He has always been actively involved in sports and had an interest in alternative medicine. He first learned Transcendental Meditation in Berkeley when he was 15 and continues to practice today along with Qi Gong. After working in Silicon Valley, he moved to San Diego to pursue his Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine. He believes strongly that an integrated approach to health is the wisest choice. We are living in a Golden Age when we can benefit from the knowledge of both Eastern and Western cultures. He has worked in both five star spa settings and Integrated Health centers with MDs, PT's and Chiropractors. Along with Acupuncture and Bodywork, he often offers Eastern Nutrition advice. In his free time, he enjoys sports with his 9 year old son.


Dr. Daniel Cordero B.S. Kinesiology, D.C.

Functional Movement Specialist

Dr. Cordero is a native to San Diego. Growing up with a very active lifestyle, Daniel spent most of his youth being active and playing hockey. He eventually became a competitive roller hockey player and traveled throughout US and Canada. In his late teens, Daniel discovered weight lifting, and further developed his passion for fitness. He graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor in Kinesiology, an emphasis in Health Fitness and Nutrition.  Not only a chiropractor, Dr Cordro is also a certified personal trainer by NSCA, certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, by NSCA, level one Functional Movement Screen certified by Gray Cook,  and Certified USA weightlifting coach.  To this day, he still continues to play roller hockey, weight lift, and help others in their desire to active an active lifestyle.

With a background in sports, weight lifting, and chiropractic, Daniel is more of a movement / exercise physician.  His style of treating injuries and pain is different than the majority of his peers. Dr. Cordero not only assesses the injury, he takes into account the whole body to find imbalances in anatomy and movement.  He doesn't just treat the site of pain; he investigates the body’s movement capabilities along with imbalances, to find the cause of the pain.  Once the compensations in muscles, joints, and movement patterns have been found, a program is then developed to restore optimal performance.  Unlike most Chiropractic practitioners movement and exercise is a large portion of Dr. Cordero’s treatment plan.  When you come in for a treatment, you can expect to work as well as have adjustments done.  

Chandin Francis

Yoga Instructor
Massage Therapist
Reiki Practitioner

Chandin loves surfing and not only lives the lifestyle, but teaches both surfing and stand up paddle board lessons with Surf Diva in La Jolla, Ca. Surfing led Chandin to yoga and realized she was about to embark on another life long journey. Her compassion for others and desire to help is what guided her to yoga teacher training. She received her 200 hr. Certification from Core Power and continued her education and received her 500 hr certification with Cloud Nine Yoga. Chandin has also completed training in Yoga Therapy from Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla and received Reiki Master Certification. She has a BA in Advertising and loves to explore her creativity in design and marketing. She is passionate about living life to its fullest and being of service to others.

Joanie M  Coudding

Intern Personal Trainer

Joanie’s passion for helping people is why she is now working on becoming a Personal Training.        
She believes through health and wellness she can help make a difference to her clients. She is excited to share her knowledge and experience. It was 6 years ago her husband was deployed to Afghanistan and she needed to keep busy and positive while he was away. Through the Y She was introduced to mud runs and Spartan obstacle course racing. This was a perfect motivator for her while he was away.  It pushed her to a part of herself she never knew was there.  Having to be strong for my kids while her husband was away for a year was a great motivator to get physically strong!!

Through a personal trainer who inspired and believe in her abilities gave her the confidence to do these kinds of races. It brought her to another level and mind set in exercising, health, wellness and endurance  training that she had never experienced before.  Joanie’s   passion is to inspire and to share with her clients no matter what level they are or their interests change is possible if you want it. She can customized exercises needs and abilities.  Finding ways to help motivate them to make the changes they want to and live a healthier lifestyle.

Joanie wants to help clients to take the first steps to changing habits and bringing an active awareness and mindfulness to healthier way of life and fitness. 

Nikki Tingle

California Licensed Esthetician

Nikki grew up in Orange County and moved to San Diego in her 20’s to finish college, bringing her Associate of Health Science Degree with her. She pursued her BS in Business Management while serving at a local seafood restaurant, started a family and dabbled in interior design, sushi making, painting, and as many hobbies as she could find time for. After dealing with several skin issues throughout the years including acne and melanoma, Nikki developed a passion for learning more about skin and how to take care of it through protection, prevention, and through being proactive with treatments and products. Becoming an Esthetician surely combined several passions for Nikki including helping others with their skin concerns as well as her creativity by being able to customize treatments for the needs of the individual client.


Trisha Olson

California State Licensed Esthetician

Trisha's passion and excitement for skincare began years ago when she suffered from teenage acne and later from some scarring and sun damage. She wanted her skin to glow and keep a youthful look. After being a stay-at-home-mom for seven years and eventually deciding it was time to go back to work, earning her Esthetician License was the logical choice. Trisha believes that a daily home-care regimen with quality skincare products is very important. Additionally, monthly facials and, in some cases, enhanced and more aggressive procedures such as peels and micro-dermabrasion, will result in beautiful and more healthy skin. Waxing and eyelash extensions are other services Trisha provides to maximize your overall sense of beauty and well-being.



Mary Gioanetti

Yoga Instructor
Massage Therapist

Mary works full time as a massage therapist and Yoga Instructor.  She is a great teacher because she's well rounded in so many different styles of teaching which can blend together in many ways. Mary likes to offer variety in my classes and keep things interesting by changing what her class practices and learns on a regular basis. Her teaching style is fun and creative and she is patient with those who need a little more time to learn.




Vanessa Billen CPT

Certified Personal Trainer
General Manager

Compassionate and dedicated. Vanessa organizational skills are what makes our wellness center hum. Vanessa is not only an excellent personal trainer, but a great leader as our general manager.

Her customer service skills leave our customers with a smile.