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Envision Health & Fitness Personal Trainers

Private, or Semi-Private Sessions for San Diego Personal Training

  • Weight Loss
  • Tone & Firm
  • Core Conditioning
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Build Muscle
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Improve quality of life through Functional Exercise


The team of fitness experts at Envision Personalized Health
are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals!

One-on-One Personal Training sessions are held in our Private Studio by we can focus on you and your success. We work with any fitness level and create programs for teens - seniors in a private setting with a fully equiped studio and wellness center.

An initial health and fitness assessment determines your fitness level, allowing your personal trainer to set achievable monthly goals. These goals help to keep you motivated, and to stay on track with monthly reassessments to monitor your success.

Partner training sessions are a great way to get and stay motivated. No matter what your goal , by sharing a personal training session with a workout partner, you can move closer to your goals with the support of a workout partner guided by a personal trainer.

Try one of our BOGO sessions (Buy One Get One Free)
BOGO sessions allow you to try our fantastic sessions and allows our staff to get to know you  so we can better address your health and fitness goals before recommending a program or treatment plan.
 Valid for new or returning clients, or clients new to a service.

1 Hour Services Include:

  • Personal Training
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Facials

Our Private Wellness Center


Enision Personalized Health’s private wellness center. You'll train with our certified personal trainers in a private setting. No distractions no crowrds,the focus is on you. Your inital session will include a intake session where we will review with you your health history, sets some goals and help you with  accountability and motivation. Your progress will be monitored monthly as you achieve your goals. Meet with a personal trainer to set up a program designed with your personal goals in mind.


Combining Fitness and Wellness Programs

  • Massage Therapy:  

  • Acupuncture:

  • Health Coaching:

  • Nutrition:

  • Day Spa:

  • Yoga:


 Give us a call (619) 229-9695  or go online to schedule a free consulation

Envision Personalized Health


"When I began working with Ben Woods at Envision Personal Health, I had recently injured my back and was unable to bend, twist, or lift objects beyond 10..."

- Debby W.view more

"If you’re considering a personal trainer, definitely give Ben woods a try. Commit to one workout and let him do his job. He’ll show you in that first workout..."

- Scott S.Eagle Strategiesview more

"As a person who works out a lot, I didn't think a personal trainer was something that I needed. But the minute I started working with Ben I felt so much..."

- Einav M.Health Coachview more

"Envision Personalized Health has enabled me to regain the energy and physical strength that I had lost while dealing with back strain issues and the mental..."

- John B.Ball Hondaview more

"Envisions has it all! From personal training, massages, estheticians, nutritionists, pilates, etc. Their staff is highly competent and they are very accommodating..."

- Tamara C.view more

"Vickie is not only an expert in her field, she is a master of her profession. Her knowledge, experience and teaching techniques are second to none and..."

- Greg S.view more

"I hired Vicky several years ago as my Personal Trainer. I have worked with several over the years and she is by far the best PT that I'v ever worked with...."

- Steve W.view more

"Vickie has been instrumental in vastly improving my overall physical health, strength and stamina while working through a chronic spine condition. Her..."

- Anita H.view more

"I came here with a very defined set of goals and the team not only understood what I wanted but charted a defined plan to get there. They continue to motivate..."

- Shirley N.view more

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