Boost Your Immune System For COVID19

2020 seems a bit out of our control with not much agreement on what we should be doing.
Everyday we hear conflicting information, reports of frightening statistics, and daily
changes on regulations. What I'm not hearing enough about is education on what you can
do to improve your health. By improving your health and building your immune system,
you can improve your chances of fighting off illnesses.

We can all agree on when you improve
your health, you boost your body's natural
ability tofight disease and increase the
strength of your immune system.
Cold and Flu season comes
around every fall, and unfortunately
diseases like COVID-19 hits those with
underlying conditions the hardest.

What can you do?

Join us on August 12th
for afun and exciting workshop on"Gut-Lung Health".

You will learn fascinating facts on your gut microbiome, probiotics, prebiotics, how recent
research is showing a connection to our lung health and how it can help prevent COVID-19.
We will also learn how fermented foods are not only tasty, but essential in improving your
immune system and overall health. Start now and begin to build your body's natural defense
system before the fall season returns.

 Workshop is being held at Envision Personalized Health,
or you can attend virtually with Zoom.
The cost is $35
Sign up through our MindBody or give us a call and we would
behappy to register you.
1(619) 229-9695


Stress Management

Feeling stressed!?
It's been well researched that stress depletes your immune system. Fear, anxiety, insomnia, can contribute to depression leaving you more susceptible to increased inflammation in the body. Inflammation can shut down your body's natural ability to fight off disease. Good News! You can make a significant impact on reducing stress with moderate exercise, better food choices, yoga, massage, and mindfulness practices.
Massage therapists were given the green light to open outdoors in a COVID compliant space . They miss you, and have been working hard to prepare a safe place for your wellness services. Your session is customized according to your personal comfort level. All therapists have taken extra certifications in cleaning protocols.  
Schedule your consultation today for a healthier routine of self-care, exercise, and stress management in order to improve or maintaining a stronger immune system throughout this pandemic!

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