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Boxing For Weight Loss & Stress Management

Boxing Classes: What You Need To Know Before You Go
Get ready to fight your way to fitness with
Mike Edwards!

Stress release 
Fat burn 
Improve self confidence
Have better coordination  

Boxing classes just keep trending across the age spectrum. There’s a
good reason for its popularity. “Boxing is more then just an arm workout. With good technique and skill, it becomes a core, leg and back workout. Boxing targets your whole body and enhances your cardiovascular health,” says Mike, a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, and MMA coach.

Mike tells Envision Personalized Health that boxing it is also a great outlet for releasing stress and tension that most keep bottled up during our day to day lives. With all the daily stress people take on from traffic, to meeting deadlines or busy schedules, Mike emphasizes the importance of finding a healthy way for your body to let go of it. During a boxing session with Mike, you get your endorphins pumping to help counter the stress hormones in your body. Boxing is a way to build self esteem and skills for self-defense. “I found boxing an amazing way to not only a way to get rid of built up stress, but  it helped to shed extra weight as well. By losing the weight I’ve put on over the last couple years, gave me the ability to stand a little taller, and be more confident. I couldn’t last against Rocky right now, but I know I could stand my ground if need be because of the skills and techniques that I learned while boxing with Mike,” says Angelina, a regular client of Mike.

 What Type Of Class ?

There are several types of boxing classes and each vary in what or whom you hit.
The right boxing workout for you will be determined by your goals. Mike offers one on one sessions that focus on technique and skill sets to build up endurance for combo boxing moves while his group classes are more cardio based with more broad techniques and critiques to assist the overall class. If you’re aiming to lose weight, the group based classes would be ideal for you as there is the emphasis of cardio and ab training while the one on one sessions will be more foot work, technique of the punches and a HIIT workout at the end that has 3 fast paced rounds of boxing drills to finish.

Why wait to get fit and self defense skills?

Mike is available by appointment Monday through Saturday. One on one sessions are $45 for 45 minutes and his group classes cost $35 per class, Save $5 per class with a package: $120 for a set of 4 classes.

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