Envision Personalized Health

Men's Stretch Class


When was the last time you could touch your toes?

 A 45 minute Men's Stretch Class

It is well documented fact, lack of flexibility can lead to muscle strain, low back pain and fatigue.

 Envision Personalized Health is offering semi-private sessions for flexibility, focusing on the stereotypical tight muscles of the hamstrings, hips, IT bands, and low back. The session is geared for the male population, no fluff music, or gumby type poses, just a guided progressive and effective stretch in a semi-private session ( 3-5 persons).

1 month , 1 X per week is only $136

Currently we have openings in our Tuesday 5:30 evening sessions

If you are new to Envision, or have not been in a while, I recommend trying a few sessions first with our BOGO sessions : "Buy One, Get One FREE Private sessions to determine your starting level.

Additional session times are available.

     Contact us to register, or for more information:

4620 Alvarado Canyon Road Suite 14. San Diego, Ca. 92120    (619) 229-9695  www.envisionpersonalizedhealth.com