Envision Personalized Health

Envisions Rewards Program

You know how frequent flyer miles work with credit cards?

Our new system at Envision Personalized Health comes equipped with a Client Rewards Program that works similarly.

It rewards you our valued client for 1) referring a client, 2) buying something, or 3) booking services online


Once you reach the minimum amount of points needed, you can use the points as a payment method in the Office or Online.


Can clients self-enroll into the Rewards Program?

Yes.  Simply click on the new Rewards Tab, then you will be presented with a sign-up form.
Once you submit the sign-up form, you will begin earning reward points on our website and in our Office.
Things to know about this feature:

         The Rewards Tab only appears for your clients that have 1) already logged in and 2) don't have the "Rewards Opt-In?" checkbox ticked on their Profile Screen in Business Mode

         If you don't have "Require Opt-In for Rewards Program" enabled on your General Setup & Options Screen, then you won't see the new tab. That's because, if you have rewards enabled for all of your clients, there is no need for them to sign up for it independently.

         If you don't want to use this feature, but still want to "Require Opt-In for Rewards Program," then you can hide the Rewards Tab using the Tab Management Screen (Toolbox => Setup => Options => Tab Management)

How do I view my remaining points?

Clients can log in and follow this menu path: My Info => My Account

 How do I use points for purchases?

Once the system knows that you are logged in, it will ask if you want to use the points to pay for the purchase (much like a positive account balance). If you don't have enough points to cover the price of the purchase, then the system prompts you for another payment method (i.e., credit card or account credit).

How do I get points for a referral?

As soon as the relationship is assigned, the referrer automatically gets the points.

Do My Rewards Expire?

Yes!  Be SURE to check the expiration date so you do miss out on the chance to use the rewards you have earned!