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Join Us On A Journey Of Personalized Health & Fitness.
Envision Personalized Health has been designing programs for clients of all fitness levels for 30 years. A private fitness and wellness center located in San Diego Mission Valley area.

Private by Appointment, Envision Personalized Health's team designs fitness & wellness programs for the individual. Working with all fitness levels on exercise, nutrition, and healthy habits. We create results with motivation, education, and accountability.

Creating a lifestyle change requires a great deal of commitment and support. You will find the team of personal trainers, and alternative health therapist can give you that boost you need to get to through the plateaus, and encourage you on to your ultimate goals.

"I've trained at Envision for two years, and with the guidance of Vickie and Ben I've lost 60+ lbs. They have helped me make a lifestyle complete changed. Meal prepping and working out are now part of my daily routine. Vickie has taught me how to eat clean and still be able to enjoy food. The workouts Ben creates are challening but well within what I am capable of and always fun. As a team Vickie and Ben have helped to support me and motivate me to stay the course when I felt like giving up. They are dedicated to helping me achieve my fitness goals. The environment at Envision is so positive and encouraging... from the front desk throughout, everyone has a smile and is ready to help. I gladly refer the team at Envision to anyone who is interested in getting fit and healthy. I am thankful to Vickie & Ben for assiting me in the journey and transforming me into a stronger, healthier woman!"

With Summer coming we have some great programs to get you started.
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