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Fall Cleanse: Ayurveda Workshop Oct.18,2014

Ayurvedic Workshop            

  • Saturday October 18, 2014
  • 9:30am -11:00 am
  • Cost $15

Ayurvedic cleansing (Pancha or Pruva Karma) is typically done in spring and fall.

During these transitional times of year, the body is adapting to changing opportunity to let go of a seasonal imbalance, and to start the new season healthy.

In the fall, cleansing is used to release heat that builds up during the summer and which expresses itself in feeling overheated, having skin rashes, headaches, liver problems, fevers, infections, and inflammation in the body.

Preparing for seasonal change can:

  • Prevent cold flu with Enhanced  immunity
  • Feel better by building ojas (Energy / Chi /Life Force
  • Get body in sync by Realign the body with rhythms of nature
  • Motivation through enhanced instinctual knowledge & faith in life  
  • Decrease stress by unraveling the imbalances and dis-ease caused from fast-paced or high stress lifestyle.                         

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