Envision Personalized Health

Happy New Year 2106

We are excited about the potential for what the New Year will bring,
and are committed to helping you reach
your personal health, fitness, and wellness goals.

New Programs:
  • Jump Start 6 Week Quick Results Program : see results quickly . This program includes a supplement , personal training sessions,  and nutrition classes learn more
  • TLC  A Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program for those who could benefit from support of indepth nutrition and exercise program. Your insurance program may cover this preventaive program if your BMI is over 30. Call us to see if you qualify.
Wellness Wednesdays: We welcome you to participate in our Wellness Wednesday small group sessions for a good value and a sense of community. Sessions include: Yoga, Nutrition, and Meditation. They are scheduled every Wednesday in the evenings starting at 5:00 yoga, Community Acupuncture 6:15pm.

Rewards Program: If you opt in for Rewards with us,every dollar you spend on your health and well-being at Envision you earn rewards points. These points maybe used for any of our 1 hour services.

Buy One Get One Free offers: Our BOGO sessions are for new clients, or for existing clients who are new to a service. BOGO's are available for Personal Training, Acupunctue,  Massage Therapy
Auto Pay for Wellness Services:  You may now receive a substantial discount if you sign up for our auto pay for Wellness Services. These services include:
  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Ayurveda
  • Nutrition Counseling

Wellness services are scheduled weekly, every other week, or once a month and are auto paid each month with your stored credit/debit card account information. Services may be interchangeable as your health needs require.  If additional wellness service appointments for the month are needed, they may be paid at the auto discounted rate at the time of appointment scheduling. Auto pays are specific to the client who is signed up for auto pay account.

We look forward to moving you forward this year in your health, fitness, and wellness goals and wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Vickie Nickerson
Envision Personalized Health
4620 Alvarado Canyon Road Suite 14
SD. CA. 92120