Feel Better with Diabetes by managing your blood glucose

Noticeable benefits can be attributed to people affected with high blood sugar taking control of
lowering blood glucose levels. Lower blood sugars can lead to reducing weight gain and
moving to healthier body weight. High blood sugar levels can zap your energy level to
quite a degree. Therefore, increasing your time at the desired target range of blood sugar levels will
give you back more energy.
The benefits of controlling high blood sugar levels are reducing stress hormones and inflammation
throughout the body. Healthy blood sugar levels are key to helping to control some risk of
heart disease and high blood pressure.
Another large benefit of keeping blood sugar under check is reducing the risk of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Other health risks associated with higher blood sugars that can be controlled with improved blood sugar control
are nerve damage, neuropathy, eye damage, heart attacks, and stroke and along with sexual dysfunction and kidney disease.
A crucial step in control is monitoring your blood sugar by checking in with various devices.
Like anything you must know where you are now to plan your path. If you are prescribed
medicine, then you must take it regularly to gain the benefits. Making adaptations to your diet
can have a large impact on your control of blood sugar levels.
It is important we take extra preventive measures to reduce the risk of catching colds and flu as
these raise our blood sugar levels. Measures to make yourself more resistant by reducing
inflammation and immunity will benefit you in many ways one being blood sugar control.
Now is the time to take steps to improve your blood sugar control to increase our quality of life.