More about our Jump-Start Program

Our Private wellness center allows us to be creative and personalize your workout and plan of health.  We are also able to create small group nutrition programs making nutrition affordable enjoyable and motivating.

Jump-start program is designed to be short term and accessible (1–3 times per week).
  • Meeting twice a week for training and 1 x week for nutrition.
  • Weekly weight ins
  • Meal planning guideline’s
  • Support & motivation
  • Access to a variety of health care providers

Jump Start Includes:

One-on-One Personal Training and Group Nutrition. In our 6-week jump- start program, we provide one group nutrition coaching session and two one-on-one personal training sessions each week. All Clients start with individual health histories and biometric measurements. Care is given to designing individualized exercise prescriptions based on health history, assessments, needs and desires. In the last week of the program, individuals are assessed again, and we celebrate their wins.

Choose Your Plan: You can choose to attend once a week, twice a week or three times a week over the course of 6 weeks. Since personal training is private and not a group-type class, and people can start any time. (Nutrition is done in a small group setting) This approach creates scheduling flexibility for both the clients and the trainer. If you do the nutritional counseling class, as well as private or partner training, you will receive 20% off the class and training sessions. We will also include in this program a shake for the cleanse. (The discount only applies to the package deal.)
Envision Personalized Health is known for exclusively one-on-one training in a private wellness environment. People coming in to this program may be either just needing a kick start or may be a new exerciser who is deconditioned and self-conscious. The plan of the 6-week program is to get you seeing results by helping you to be stronger and more confident. Once you finish the 6-week program you can move into partner training to keep the progress going at a lesser rate. The program begins with assessments, and then, depending on the client, an introduction to strength and interval training. Each subsequent week involves progression based on cardio intervals.
The program is available at any time all year long.

Jump-Start program is the solution to help you stay on top of exercise-related goals and extend your efforts to a routine that lasts. Jump-Start is a program designed to get the ball rolling and produce positive results. You can expect to feel better, lose weight, a boost in energy, and better muscular strength. 

The program’s main objective is to give you quick results with short term methods, while educating and steering you in the right direction to reach your long term goals.The program also includes the help of an easy to follow jumpstart nutrition program. Think of it as careful “hand-holding” by a fitness and health professional to keep you motivated, informed, and accountable during the initial stages of a new program.

Jump-Start is the solution designed to get you results in an effective and safe way so you don’t lose motivation. Envision Personalized Health offers this “6-week jump start program to you going again. At the end of the introductory program, you will be so motivated by your results you will want to continue on with your long term personal goals, and take them on to a whole new level of commitment to health and fitness. At Envision Personalized Health we can fully support your journey using the full array of integrative health and fitness services offered at Envision Personalized Health.

Save 20% off program Sessions are available in 6,12, & 18 session packages. Bundled to save: nutrition meetings, supplement shake, and personal training at 20% off.

 Jump-Start program is not only for fit people who just need that extra push. It also benefits clients who may be new to exercise, have specific health concerns, need extra help, or are intimidated by the gym. The benefit of Envision Personalized Health is it's private by appointment wellness center. We get to know you and your body without the distractions of a crowed gym, or exercising in public spaces. This private environment reduces the intimidation factor, and creates confidence in learning new exercises and how to perform them correctly. The more confident clients feel about their abilities, the more likely they are to stick to a long-term program. Not only that, but your program can also be the gateway to important lifestyle changes for people who haven’t spent much time exercising before now. Our Jump-Start program can launch you into a world of new experiences and open you up to new ways of being. A true lifestyle change can occur.

For an ongoing program, consider our TLC Program which is available all year.