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New To Yoga? Try Our Yoga Sampler

New to Yoga ??

Try Our Yoga Sampler:

This Yoga Sampler is for ANYONE! All bodies welcome.

Sometimes, you need a little taste to be convinced. This series will not only introduce you to yoga, it will let you sample the benefits of a careful and personalized practice. If you’ve wanted to try yoga but have steered clear of classes, join us for a four week series that will cover common poses, basic alignment, connection to breath, and guided relaxation. All of this in a safe, fun and private environment!

Each week, we’ll do our best to answer those questions we hear from interested but politely skeptical students:

● What is yoga and why is everyone doing it?

● Is yoga just stretching?

● What about this nagging old injury? And that achy pain?

● Is meditation impossible?

● How do I stay safe?

● Is yoga religious?

 Plus, we’ll do some yoga! Every practice will focus on:

● Exercising caution with essential body alignment and attention to limits

● Learning a thing or two about strengthening key muscle groups

● Moving with the your breath

● Trying out guided meditation

This Yoga Sampler is for ANYONE! You don’t have to touch your toes or recently have escaped the circus. You only have to have an interest in building strength, pursuing flexibility, relieving stress and tension, understanding the way your body moves and giving yourself a chance to let your mind and body work together.

Class size is limited to 7 so you can receive personalized instruction and experience community as you develop your practice. Save your spot and register online today.
Megan Doyle Corcoran

My greatest hope for every class is that my students will discover one thing– big or small– that will allow their yoga practice to endure for as long as they’d like. Students might even learn an anatomical term or two.

I’m accredited with a 200-hour training in Integrative Yoga and have studied with Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and various other teachers in the U.S. and New Zealand. I have completed over 700 hours of massage training and diligently educate myself on body mechanics, physiology and the best practice in bodywork. I’m also a Reiki practitioner and am pursuing my 500-hour certification in the foundations of Viniyoga and yoga therapy with the American Viniyoga Institute .

Whether you’re hoping to find greater strength and flexibility, a more functional movement pattern, better postural awareness or just a calm moment with your body and breath, I’d be honored to help you on your path.

For more information contact us at Envision Personalized Health  (619)229-9695
4620 Alvarado Canyon Road Suite 14 San Diego, CA. 92120