A New Nutrition Plan For A New Year


Out with the old and in with the new, but now sure which way to go or how to get started ?

Ashley Tunstall BA Nutrition Counselor is offering an evening  workshop, and a 6 week program that will move you forward into healthier eating.

Itís the New Year! A time when millions of people make New Yearís resolutions, many of which revolve around eating healthier.
These resolutions can be hard to keep as figuring out which diet to follow is often frustrating and confusing and itís easy to fall back into old habits. The word healthy is connected with much controversy. Everywhere you go you are bombarded with conflicting health claims whether it is from a newspaper or TV ad, a newsletter in your inbox, or advice from a doctor.  Spoiler alert! There is no perfect diet that suits everyone.
Register for Nutritional Workshop Janurary 21st 6 pm 
"What's On Your Plate? " Where you can  meet Nutrition Counselor Ashely Tunstall and learn more about demystifying confusing and contradictory health claims on what to eat.
 This workshop will help you understand the pros and cons of popular food trends including low fat, low carb, and Paleo diets so you can feel confident you are putting the right foods in your body. 
The workshop registration fee is $15 and will be applied to the 6 week nutrition program if you choose to move forward,
As a nutritional counselor Ashley will work with you to individualize a nutrition plan that works for you.
Our New Year's nutrition special is 6 weeks of nutrition counseling for only $159
The 6 week plan includes:
  •  an initial intake session where we will review your current state of health and health history
  •  a follow up session complete with a personalized nutritional plan   
  • four more weekly follow up sessions to help keep you on track and problem solve while ensuring your success

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