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Introducing Jessica Goldthorpe LAc.

We are excited to announce Jessica Goldthorpe as part of our team at Envision Personalized Health.

Jessica embodies positive energy and a nurturing healing spirit. She is licensed as an Acupuncturist and massage therapist, as well as a certified as a personal trainer and Thai Yoga therapist. 

 As our current acupuncturists Monique and Dayna are move forward with their wedding and plans to move out of the area, Jessica will co-treat with Monique and Dayna, transitioning in as our full time acupuncturist. Meanwhile Jessica is taking in new and returning acupuncture clients; she also is currently available for massage therapy and Thai Yoga Therapy sessions. 

We would love to give you the opportunity to try Jessicaís acupuncture techniques, Thai Yoga and massage skills.

 Envision Personalized Health is offering:

  Call to schedule now as these offers will expire on June 30th 2013

BIO: Jessica Goldthorpe LAc.

I want you to be living your happiest, healthiest and fullest expression of the best life imaginable. There is no way around it- life gets crazy. There will always be stressors coming and going.  You donít have to just accept it or get through it and hope it will be better tomorrow. This is your life. This is your health. Sometimes stressors, pain, disease, depression or heartache prevent us from feeling connected with our self. They can prevent us from valuing our life and how precious it is.  One hour of acupuncture is so much more than lying on the table with needles. It is a time to connect with yourself, to restore and re-balance. A time your body can heal. Itís a chance to live without pain, to feel happy and to have energy. Itís an hour dedicated to your health with your primary care physician who really cares. Whatever you need I have the experience to help guide you-whether it be motivation for fitness, stretching/relaxation with thai yoga therapy, acupuncture and its modalities or just an hour to be listened to and cared for.  Iím trained to recognize what is within my capabilities and to refer to a specialist if something is out of my scope of practice. Life gets crazy.  From time to time we all need our family and friends to help make sense of it all.  But sometimes we need someone just as gentle and straight forward with some training.  Sometimes you need an acupuncturist, or a trainer or a massage therapist.  And now, you have one of those people in your life too. Call me and let me help you live your healthiest and happiest version of your life.  Jessica Goldthorpe LAc.

Envision Personalized Health is currently accepting insurance for acupuncture and nutritional services. Give us a call to see if you are covered.


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