What’s Causing My Neck Pain?

Did you know that in certian positions your head weight can increase drastically?

First, take a look at where your head is right now. Is your neck straight or is it leaning forward? How about when you’re driving, on your computer or scrolling through your phone? If your neck is consistently in a forward leaning position, the muscles from your mid back all the way up to the top your head are being overstretched. Over stretched muscles are not happy muscles and could be causing chronic neck pain. Get good at sitting up straight and holding your chin in. The crown of your head should be reaching for the ceiling, not tilted back. The next time you’re in your car, try pressing the back of your head into the head rest while tucking your chin under slightly. One more question for you: along with neck pain, do you also feel tired most of the day? When your head is in the forward position, your rib cage is compressed making less room for your lungs to get a full breath of air, your stomach to digest properly and your circulation to flow the way it should. You may notice your neck pain more sharply but attaining more energy may be an even more exciting reason to strengthen your posture.

Working with a personal trainer and doing upper and mid back strengthening exercises, like seated or standing rows, often enough might help relieve some of that pain. I’d be happy to give you a free consultation to assess whether or not your neck and core need to be strengthened.

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