Private Access:Get Results

Real fitness results require motivation, education, and accountability.

The kind of dedication needed to make real change in health often needs a personal trainer or health coach for ongoing support and direction.

Private Access allows you access to our private wellness center and to the expertise of  our top quality personal trainers at Envision Personalized Health. We will meet with you privately and go over your health history and goals,  do measurements, and then design a program specifically for you. You'll train with a personal trainer until you have your program down> You will then be granted access to train in our private center on your own with a lead trainer on the floor to assist, and answer questions when needed. Your accountability and progress will be monitored to keep you on track by using our check in system.
  • Meet with a personal trainer to set up a program designed with your personal goals in mind.
  • You'll work on your own in our private wellness center with tips and spots from our fitness experts when needed.
  • You will meet weekly, every other week privately with a trainer to modify and progress your program.

Already working with a Personal Trainer at Envision Personalized Health? qualify for open access fitness hours. You could have up to 12 additional training hours per week in our private center for a low monthly fee.

Private Access Program Options:

~  Active Zone: Initial Program Goal setting & set up Plus two 1/2 hour private fitness sessions each month
~  Commit To Fit: Initial Program Goal planning & set up, Plus two 1 hour private fitness sessions each month
~  Power Performance: Initial Program Goal Planning & set up, Plus four 1 hour private fitness sessions each month
~  Motivation Master: Initial Program Goal setting & set up Plus six 1 hour private fitness sessions each month

Additional 1/2 and full hours maybe purchased as needed.

Private Access hours at Envision Personalized Health are open - Saturday 11:00-12:30, Monday at 5:00-6:30pm, and Friday at 5:00-6:30pm (times may be subject to change or cancellation)

You must complete at minimum 2 private fitness sessions to get a program set up before you may participate in  private access training hours.