You may ask, “What is Raja Energy?”

Raja means “Royal.” Therefore, Raja Energy means royal energy, the highest energy. Ancient Hindu teachings also refer to it as soul energy. Royal energy (also called prana) is our life force energy. The nature of this energy is spiritual and it effects our physical, astral (light realm) and causal (thought realm) bodies. It also affects us at the physical, biological, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

Raja Energy is a tool for empowerment and healing. It also helps to manage stress, physical and mental pain in the body. It is ideal for your wellness program here at Envision personalized health.
Do you desire to experience more of the spiritual light and dynamic pranic energy within yourself? Do you desire to be a healing conduit of the light?

You are invited to learn about energy healing for yourself and others. Techniques will be given for healing and additional areas of emphasis will include:
  • Meditation
  • Affirmation
  • Visualization
  • Energy release
  • Creating better alignment with a higher source or power(God)
The increase in access or utilization of the pranic force, is the desired outcome of using these techniques.
In looking at Raja Energy and its nature, we find that energy changes can occur with or without the person actually feeling a sensation or difference at the time. If the person feels currents of energy, it could feel similar to a very mild electrical current. It may feel warm or cold; possibly even like a prickly sensation. People have different ways to manifest the energy. The practitioner invokes the right intention of protection around each session. This is an example of where the intention of an affirmation or a visualization technique can be utilized.

Other ways of using our right intention of healing include: rebalancing, reenergizing and restoration. Our goal is to increase the body’s ability to receive and coordinate the direct flow of life force energy (Raja Energy).
In our upcoming workshop at Envision, we are going to coordinate energy through the spiritual centers of the body. The spiritual centers (also known as chakras) include the medulla oblongata as well as the spiritual eye.  The medulla oblongata is located at the juncture between the back of the neck and the head also known as the occipital bone. The spiritual eye is located in between the eyebrow area above the nose at the forehead. In a Raja Energy session, we rebalance the chakras in the body.  We will learn more about this in the upcoming workshop.
What happens during a Raja energy session?

We will begin by calling upon a higher source. And we will ask for the aid of realized spiritual masters. We place the intention and protection that we are a conduit of a Higher power, affirming that we are a conduit of a Higher force - the Creator of all (God) or the Higher power.
There is a universal energy that moves with Divine Intelligence and that energy knows how to heal, rebalance and correct energy flows in the body. This really is the source of all healing -  it is within us all! Our ultimate goal is to become a better channel or better receiver of that Divine Intelligence. We want to have the right intention to strive to do good, to benefit, to aid, to help, to empower, to assist and to heal.

Man has three energy bodies the Physical, Astral, and Causal.

Physical body – This is the biological psychological energy body, dense to the touch. It can be manipulated by palpation, massage, stretching etc. The atomic structure expression is bio chemical in its nature and responds well to physical intervention.
Astral body – This refers to the ‘light” energy body. It can be accessed by direct hands on touch or by hovering the hands over the body. Sensations of polarity can be felt as warm, cool or prickly. We direct energy to affected areas or areas that need attention.
Causal body- The causal (idea) realm refers to creation through our visualized consciousness. Divine Intelligence ultimately directs energy flow to be a conduit of a higher power. The purity of our intention expands out to this highest realm.

When we are in a session, we need to remember to have Right attitude, Right intention and to petition for protection. An example of such a protection affirmation is, “I am a Divine conduit of the light and love of God”.  Other affirmations will be given in this exciting Envision workshop.
Although all three bodies are included in the healing process, we as practitioners are primarily concentrating on the physical and astral body in a Raja Energy session. We do remain mindful of the causal body however, as our petition to manifest the healing transformation is directed there. When we strive to be a conduit, it starts to create superior alignment with all three bodies. This alignment dramatically affects the power to manifest true healing within ourselves or with other people.

One fascinating thing that can happen as a result of Raja Energy work is that the answers to questions do not have to come through the practitioner. Instead, they come directly to the client from Spirit. In essence, we are all children of Spirit and seekers of the ultimate Truth.