Copyright 2011 Michael Lyons : Certified Personal Trainer at Envision Personalized Health

If a health and wellness initiative is part of your 2012 plans, it is important to set the stage for success by establishing clearly defined goals from which progress can be measured.  Test your goals against the S.M.A.R.T. acronym:

 Specific.  Are your goals unambiguous and state exactly what you want to do?  “I will walk on the treadmill” is more specific than “I will be more active.” 

 Measurable.  Can your goals be numerically measured so progress can be tracked?  Building on the above example, “I will walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes 3 times a week” is a measurable goal.

 Attainable.  Can you really achieve the goal?  It is better to start off small with goals that are easily met and build on them slowly, rather than set yourself up for failure at the onset.

 Relevant.  Do the goals fall in line with your particular interests?  For example, if you do not like running, it is not wise to set a goal of completing a marathon.

 Time Bound.  Is there a defined time-line for completion?  Goals are never too short in duration and it is wise to break down larger goals into smaller ones that are achieved quickly.


Happy New Year and I wish you success in achieving your health and fitness goals in 2012!