Trouble sleeping??????


You know you need least 7-8 hours of deep sleep, and it’s imperative to reduce stress in your life.  You also know you should be eating unrefined natural foods and exercising consistently. These are seemingly simple principles for ensuring a healthier and happier life.

 But you can’t sleep…..

and you don’t know how to de-stress, maybe because you don’t even know you are stressed.

you know what you should eat.. but do you really? … how bad is it if you aren’t eating healthy foods?

..and exercise?!?? …..who has time for that daily?!!?

 Well, what kind of life do you want?  Do you want to feel groggy, unproductive, emotionally imbalanced, and heavy every day, or do you want to feel rested, clear, calm, energetic, light and sexy?

Of course you want the latter. You want to feel better but you don’t want to make the changes. Perhaps you don’t want to because you don’t understand the importance it plays on your overall health and well-being.  Perhaps it seems too difficult, or perhaps you think you couldn’t possibly be happy if you changed your life so drastically to meet these 4 simple principles.

 I hear ya…. change is hard.  But living uncomfortably and unhealthy is harder.

There is more than one way to go about achieving these 4 simple principles in your life.  There are several options to make it fit you, your lifestyle, and accommodate what you find enjoyable.

Sorry to be so blunt, but living according to these simple principles is not a choice. It’s the way it should be and it has to be.  Our world has gone a little crazy…everything is at mach speed and full throttle- work, hours at work, the amount of work, the unrealistic deadlines week to week from work, sitting in traffic, driving 100’s of miles a day, constantly shopping and running errands, having children, managing children’s life, maintaining a relationship, a friendship and family, paying the never ending bills and taxes....Phew!.... where is there time to think about health, sleep, exercise or happiness!?!?!?!?!

 The time doesn’t magically happen. That’s why it’s important to consciously recognize that life is getting out of control and how the insanity is negatively affecting our lives. It’s up to you to decide what in life matters most, and to recognize that in life without health is not living at all.  Easy peasy... Okay well maybe not easy in the beginning, but over time it becomes a natural way of life for you. Simply swap out the unhealthy habits and begin implementing the healthy habits.

 This is not an overnight fix... it takes time to make these 4 simple principles to become an effortless part of normal routine, especially if you are also trying to get your family on board too.  But, it is possible, it’s not unreasonable, and in fact it’s what has to be done.

 You want to avoid expensive, painful, nagging ailments and disease. You don’t want even higher health insurance costs and medications?   eat better… rest better… move better… breathe better.

 Below are some tips and suggestions:

     Sleep suggestions:

·       Eat protein for at dinner.  Avoid too many grains and sugars (esp. right before bed!) protein helps the pancreas release glucagon and insulin which is used to help control blood sugar levels.  eating this with a small fruit snack can help the tryptophan cross blood-brain barrier (which is needed for the melatonin)

Are your blood sugar levels spiking and keeping you up at night?

·        Buy a blood sugar tool from CVS (about 40 bucks) check before eating a meal and upon waking, the blood sugar should be between 70-100. 

What can help balanced blood sugar levels?

What changes can you make to encourage better sleep?

  • black out curtains
  • get rid of electronics in room and keep phone on silent and away from your head. 
  • choose a consistent bed time schedule and stick to it. We are creatures of habit.
  • turn off the TV. It seems mindless because you aren’t thinking or moving but all that light and sound is internally stimulating. Turn off the TV. Go sit quietly, read, walk, play games, have a conversation.. just do something else!
  • keep the room at a cool (not cold) and comfortable temperature

Stress reduction:

Can’t meditate… already tried talk therapy….Give Acupuncture a try.  A proven stress relief remedy, and all you have to do is lay on the table get treatment that will help you relax, benefit from the stress relief, which will further help you sleep all while you get pampered….hummm…. not bad.

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