Improve your immune system.

Springtime is traditionally a time to cleanse. You could benefit from a cleanse if you would like to experience: 

* increased energy
* clearer thinking
* weight / fat loss \
* healthier digestion & elimination
* clearer skin
* more restful sleep
* and a positive mood
 Clearing the dampness of winter from your body, allows you to re-balance and restore your immune system.
This practice is followed by many holistic health systems.

I invite you to cleanse, restore, and re-balance with our 14-day cleanse.

For this Cleanse you will receive a complete kit that includes:

* Hypo-Allergenic plant based Protien with Vitamin & Minerals
* Whole Fiber Fusion
* Liver supplement support
* Recommended foods list to avoid
* Recommended Foods list to enjoy
* Recipies for healthy meal replacement shakes and menu samples 

Prior to starting the cleanse you will be encouraged to begin cleaning up your diet by avoiding added sugars, caffeine, alcohol and preservatives.

At the close of the 14-day cleanse you will slowly re-introduce foods one at a time to determine which foods give you the most health benefits for your body.
Cost for the cleanse kit is $110
 Cleanse Kit plus Health Coach Support $175

 For complete online support and customized care, we are offering the cleanse kit and ongoing online support throughout the cleanse with our health coaches for only $175.

 We are also offering a discount on our yoga classes and swedish massage to help with reducing stress (a major factor in detoxifing the body)  during the cleanse 

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