Spring time is always a popular time to recommit to regular exercise or get ready for beach season.

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As a personal trainer of many years, I know that many people allow their fitness routines and nutrition habits to fizzle or be put on the back burner when everyday responsibilities take priority over our health. There is a quick, yet safe way to get back on track before your health is affected and bad habits have a chance to become an ongoing reality. One way we help you to stay on top of exercise-related personal goals is to an offer introductory “JumpStart” training program.

This JumpStart program is designed to get the ball rolling and produce positive results for you quickly and safely.

Benefits of a Jump-Start Program 
  • weight loss
  • energy boost
  • better muscular strength
  • flexibility
  • endurance

Our main objective is to educate and move you in the right direction with short-term quick result method; allowing you to reach your goals and turn them into long-term exercise adherence. The program also includes the help of an easy to follow Jumpstart Nutrition program. This individualized attention by a fitness and health professional will keep you from feeling overwhelmed, uninformed, unmotivated and/or intimidated during the initial stages of a new program. ~ Ben Woods CPT
 Motivation !
Jump-start training is meant to get you results in a quick yet effective and safe way so you don’t lose motivation.
The hope is that at the end of the introductory program you will be so motivated by your results you will continue on with your personal goals and take them to a whole new level. This commitment can be supported with using the variety of integrative services we offer here at Envision Personalized Health.

Our jump-start program also benefits clients who may be intimidated by the gym. “The benefit is Envision Personalized Health is a private by appointment wellness center. We get to know you and your body without the distractions of a crowed gym or exercising in public spaces reducing the intimidation factor and creating confidence about the exercises and how to perform them correctly.
The more confident you feel about your abilities, the more likely you are to stick to a long-term program. Not only that, but your program can also be the gateway to important lifestyle changes, even if you haven’t exercised before now. Jump-start programs can launch participants into a world of new experiences and open them up to new ways of being. A true lifestyle change can occur.
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