Welcome To TLC: Therapeutic Lifestyle Change

I am very excited about bringing this program and the tools for therapeutic lifestyle management to you.

If you have struggled with managing and maintaining a healthy weight, and have a BMI over 30, you qualify for the program. In 2015 obesity (a BMI over 30) was deemed by the American Medical Association as a disease. Mandates were put in place to require physicians and insurance carriers to provide a preventative program to the public. This is due to the alarming rise in obesity in United States and the escalating health care costs associated with it. Obesity is a major contributor to disease, disability, and death.

You may have tried numerous weight management programs in the past, deprivation diets, very low calorie shakes, expensive prepackaged foods, and excessive exercise. In my nearly 30 years of helping people manage their weight and lifestyles, I have found that these programs and methods don’t work for the long term. In fact they often leave you heavier once you go off the program. These programs can lower your metabolism, and do not solve the reason why you gained weight to begin with.

TLC Is Different! The focus is not on starving the weight off, but rather balancing your body and creating new lifestyle habits. Through sound education, motivation, accountability along with consistent support, we can get to the core of why you have difficulty keeping a healthy balanced weight. A little TLC is all you need.

Together we will discover tools for creating a balanced healthy lifestyle. You will meet different health educators, and will be given a chance to sample several alternative therapies and pathways to a healthier body. Some of them will resonate with you some of them will not, but we are certain that a pathway to healthier way of living.  We will encourage and support you along the way.  

Call today to see if your insurance covers this program.