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Womenís Health: PMS

If you have these symptoms, then you have PMS: breast tenderness, abdominal bloating, edema, sugar cravings, edema, sugar cravings, reduced energy, clumsiness, mood changes, reduced ability to cope, reduced concentration, poor memory, headaches.

I donít think i have met a woman who didnít experience these symptoms.  But the good news is you donít have to.  I can help with Acupuncture to help regulate your period cycle and flow as well as supplements and/ or formulas. The right supplement can help support your adrenals so that you have a healthy stress response, healthy adrenal (hormonal) functions and good energy and well being.  Every month doesnít have to be a jekyl and hyde situation!

Taking care of your cycle is important because the health of your cycle which we can understand through the symptoms you experience throughout the month is representative of your overall health.  If you are thinking about getting pregnant or think you might want to get pregnant in the future then regulating your cycle and overcoming those symptoms will help.

 Note: all supplements are best taken after they have been talked over with a licensed practitioner. Yes, they are natural and possess great capability of helping with recovery or ailment and debility, but if the supplement is not the right one for you it could interfere with preexisting conditions or medications.  Standard process only works with licensed practitioners for this reason.


 Supplements To Help With PMS

 Chaste berry: helps support normal progesterone levels and overall natural healthy balance within the female endocrine system. Encourages healthy menstrual cycling, eases discomfort associated with PMS, supports normal reproductive function, in men and women it helps healthy skin through hormone balance.

Adrenal complex: feeling over tired? supports adrenal function in times of high stress (basically the world we live in, right?) aid in the recovery of adrenal depletion, fatigue anxiety, sleeplessness and night sweats, reduced immune function (if do to prolonged periods of stress) chronic illness/autoimmune disease.

Gymnema: If you have been having sugar cravings you need this. hyperglycemia/diabetes, reactive hyperglycemia, can help assist in weight loss by suppression of appetite/cravings, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

 FemCo: This is a great supplement to general symptoms and common complaints among women.  Complaints from irregular menstruation, fertility, PMS, low concentration and low libido.

 Livco: if you are living a wired life fun weekends with alcohol and delicious greasy food and a stressful work week then this is a supplement that helps support the detoxification function of the liver to help support the function of the liver and the benefits a healthy liver exhibits when working properly like healthy skin, regular bowel movements, smooth digestion and fewer headaches.

Ways to naturally support your Liver and menstrual health with food: brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, tangerines, oranges, Casandra, rosemary, turmeric (with pepper), and garlic. YUM!!

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