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Personal Training / Health Coaching In Our Private Wellness Center

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At Envision Personalized Health our private wellness center located in San Diego has over 30 years experience in helping clients to stay on track by providing motivation, accountability, and education for health, fitness and well-being. Exercise sessions are combined with nutrition, coaching,  and wellness programs which are personally designed for you to help you to lose weight, gain muscle, reduce stress, and feel great. Unlike the aggressive fitness boot camp trend, our fitness programs are personalized and accessible to any fitness level. Our private center and integrative approach allows your personal trainer to collaborate with other wellness professionals such as Nutrition, Health Coach, Yoga, Pilates, Acupuncture, Chiropractic,  Massage, Ayurveda, and Day Spa specialist, to help you customize a program that is perfect for you. Having a team of health and wellness professionals working together for you under one roof will assure you success in achieving your goals! Sessions can be scheduled as Private , Semi-Private or Small Group. This model of personalized attention and integrative therapies is what makes Envision Personalized Health and their clients successful.

Mission Valley San Diego Alternative Health

Alternative Health & Wellness Programs


Alternative health care professionals at Envision Personalized Health can help you to increase your energy, improve your immune system, relieve pain, as well as decrease cravings so you can stop smoking, or lose weight. They can also develop a plan for woman's health issues, such as PMS, Menopause, and infertility. Alternative health programs often focus on improved digestion which is essential if you are going to improve your health. At Envision Personalized Health your wellness practitioners can develop an comprehensive health plan utilizing any one of the many tools available such as Acupuncture, Nutrition, Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki, Meditation, and Therapeutic Massage. These Alternative Health and Wellness programs work to create healthier body with more energy, reduced blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, relief of muscle tension, and clearer thought processes.

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Therapuetic Lifestyle Change


At Envision Personalized Health,we understand that over coming obesity and finding a healthy balance of weight can be difficult. Our therapeutic Lifestyle Change program can offer sound advice and manageable changes you can count on to work throught your lifetime. The foundations are strong support, easy to comprehend and implement eductation, and an integrative approach to a healither life. No pills, surgery, magic potions, or manufactured shakes, just healthy living tools in a private, supportive and caring environment. Health Coaches are certified by Institute of Intergrative Nutrition.

Mission Valley San Diego Spa Services

Day Spa Services


Our Day Spa Services Include Facials, PCA Peels, Micro- Dermabrasion, Body Treatments, Full Service Waxing, Massage, and Ayurvedic Therapies

Well-being occurs when the mind, body, and spirit work in harmony. With all of the daily stress in life it is so important for you to take time out for yourself in our Private Wellness Center and Spa. We are not a production line spa center. At Envision Personalized Health we specialize in personalized spa services and pride ourselves in on going education, top quality Estheticians and spa practitioners.

Whether it is after a tough workout, a stressful day at work, or for a special occasion, we have the spa service for you. With our special packages and our seasonal offerings, services are affordable and designed specifically for you. Your skin, the largest organ of your body, reflects your health. Using natural, orgainic, and high quality skin care products is as important as the skin care professional who is applying it.

Mission Valley San Diego Nutrition Counsel



At Envision Personalized Health in San Diego Mission Valley our certified nutritionist, or Ayurvedic Counselor can assist you in developing a comprehensive nutrition profile which includes nutrition lifestyle goals. Our nutrition professionals approach each client individually when developing a comprehensive, confidential nutritional analysis for your person health . Specializing in weight loss programs, improving metabolism, reducing cholesterol , stabilizing blood sugar, controlling cravings, improving digestives issues, managing woman's health issues, and creating a healthy diet for diabetics. Learn more