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Ayurveda Skin and Body Care

In Ayurveda it is believed that beauty starts from the inside out. The glow of good health is reflected in our skin hair and nails as an outward expression of inner health and balance.

Health and beauty is expressed differently in each individual, as Ayurveda believes no two people are the exactly same. We each have our own constitution or Dosh. By feeding our bodies the nourishing foods and using skin care products specific for our Dosha, not only will we be healthier, but so will our skin. Healthier skin is the result of slowing down the aging process and increasing the healthy production of new cells for more vibrant skin.

Products used in Ayurveda skin care are organic and of food grade quality. Some Ayurvedic practitioners believe, if you can't eat it it doesn't belong on your skin. This belief is brought about by the fact that the skin, our largest organ, absorbs topical applications. This can be seen in western medicines transdermal patches as a transport vehicle for medicines. Over the counter skin care products often have chemicals which are harmful to the body. When we apply them topically the toxins are absorbed by the skin. On the other hand we can feed the body the skin nutrients found in organic products and herbs, we feed the body both internally and externally. This organic approach is truly the way to vibrant youthful skin.

Ayurvedic spa services include abyangha, shirodarha, steam therapies, facials, cosmetic acupuncture, and body treatments.