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Fitness Puts Excitement Back Into Your Life

Envision Personalized Health has been designing programs for clients of all fitness levels for 30 years. A private fitness and wellness center located in San Diego Mission Valley area.

Private by Appointment, Envision Personalized Health's team designs fitness & wellness programs for the individual. Working with all fitness levels on exercise, nutrition, and healthy habits. We create results with motivation, education, and accountability.

Creating a lifestyle change requires a great deal of commitment and support. You will find the team of personal trainers, and alternative health therapist can give you that boost you need to get to through the plateaus, and encourage you on to your ultimate goals.

Client Testimony...
My journey with Envision began six plus years after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Since being diagnosed I had gained weight and developed early complications such as neuropathy in my feet and hands along with digestive issues.  My motivation was to go get help with reducing my weight by working out with guidance due to my fear of experiencing sugar lows. Working with Vickie and staff enable me to improve my diet and lose my excess weight.
Envision offers so many tools to help with improving your personal health.  Thru the years other than one on one training I have taken advantage of nutritional advice, acupuncture / massage for a bad shoulder and stomach issues.  My neuropathy is a thing of the pass along with 35 pounds of weight
My goal shifted from losing weight to building muscle with the help of the Envision team. Before I hit the big 50 my goal was for me to be my most fit self to date. Now my goal changes every year to be more lean and add more muscle with each coming year,  Kayaking and riding bikes and more outdoor activities are now things that I participate in regularly Working out has become a habit that I look forward to doing as often as possible.  Currently I working out on my own, but still guided on how to lift or that is a better food choice from wonderful time with Envision. ~l

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