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Lash Extention

 Eye Lash Extension

Flirt - Eye Lash Extension  $145
Diva - Eye Lash Extension  $180
Glam- Eye Lash Extension  $195
Goddess- Eye Lash Extension  $215
Eye-lash extension fills $75-$1005


A single lash extension is applied one by one to individual eyelashes. This process involves carefully separating the natural lashes with fine point tweezers to reveal one healthy eyelash. The lash extension is then dipped into a medical grade adhesive and attached to the natural eyelash. The process is repeated until chosen number of lashes are covered.
Lash Extensions add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. Longer lashes will make your eyes more open and will give them an enlarged look. Often without the hassle of mascara! Touch-ups are recommended every 2-4 weeks.
 Lash Extensions DOís:
  • Before you arrive make sure that your eyes are free of make up
  • Before you arrive wash your eyelashes and remove any mascara or residual oils
  • Arrive on time to your appointment to ensure maximum time for the application
  • Lash Tinting or Airbrush Tanning should be done at least 48 prior
  • Keep your new eyelash extensions completely dry for 24 hr after application
  • Follow individual instructions for proper home care given to you by the stylist
Lash Extensions DONTís:
  • No oil based products around your eyelash extensions
  • No use of waterproof mascara
  • Avoid excessive exposure to heat, steam and swimming
  • Avoid excessive pulling or rubbing of your eyelash extensions

Eye Lash Extension Re-application Touch-up

 Individual lashes (number of lashes varies) are dipped into a medical-grade adhesive and bonded to your natural eyelash. This process is done one lash at a time, Appointment times range from 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length for your initial set and 30min to 1 hour for reapplication. The adhesive can last about 3-4 weeks depending on how careful you are (the more you rub your eyes, wash your face, etc. the quicker the adhesive will wear off). If you get regular touch-ups (re-application of adhesive and lashes) the lashes can last longer. Our eyelash extensions are available in multiple shape styles, length,thickness and level of curl custom designed by you. Options allow you create a more natural look, or an ultra-glam look perfect for every occasion and mood!
 **Re-application appointments are available to current Clients for ongoing Lash Extensions within 4 weeks of previous appointment. If you are a new client in need of a Re-application Full set fee may be required if lash repair is needed or Re-application is excessive.
Home-care Instructions
For best results and satisfaction please follow these guidelines. Correct preparation and proper home care is essential for longer lasting results.
 Eyelash Extension Aftercare Information:  The eyelash cycle is approximately four to twelve weeks.  Do not be alarmed if some of your lashes fall out quickly (they most likely were at the end of their cycle).  The majority of extensions will stay through a complete cycle if you follow these guidelines:
  • Your natural eyelashes should not get wet for a minimum of two hours;  48 hours would be ideal to allow the adhesive properly to bond to a dry eyelash (soggy eyelashes do not make for a good adhesion).  A dry washcloth can be rolled up and placed over your brows when you shower to protect your extensions from becoming totally saturated.
  • Do not use regular or waterproof mascara. Water-based mascara and water-based mascara remover may be used if desired. Apply mascara sparingly and remove it gently with a water-based eye makeup remover. Most brands of mascara contain chemical properties and oils that will break down the adhesive.  Removing mascara from your lashes can cause the extensions to fall off prematurely as well.  If you want to further enhance your lash extensions, we have a specially formulated eyelash extension mascara that is ideal for coating your extensions.  Ask your lash stylist for more information.
  •  Take special care around the eye area when cleansing your face. Gently cleanse the eye area and do not scrub or rub your eyes.  Avoid any type of oil-based product around the eyes.  Again, the oils will break down the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall off.  Resuming with normal activities is ok (i.e. - face washing).  When possible, it is best to wait up to 12 hours. 
  •  Never use a clamp-style eyelash curler on your extensions.  This can permanently damage not only the extensions, but your natural eyelashes as well.  Eyelash combs are great for grooming your lashes every morning.