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Choosing Your Nutritional Plan

How do you choose a nutritional plan for your weight loss, or therapeutic nutritional counseling needs?

At Envision Personalized Health we incorporate the best of all nutritional disciplines for an optimal and individualized approach to your nutrition needs. No one individual is the same . Your nutritional plan requires a personal approach to meet your body's unique needs.

The therapeutic benefits of a healthy lifestyle (TLC) and the nutritional support provided by healing benefits of nutrients found in healthy whole foods is the foundation of nutrition teachings here at Envision Personalized Health.

Whether you choose the traditional nutritional approach of counting nutrients and calories by way of "calories in, verses calories out" along with motivational counseling, or the alternative approach of complementary medicine approaches such as Acupuncture and Herbs, or Ayurveda dosha specific approach, whole healthy foods and a active lifestyle are the connecting thread.

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Food As Medicine

“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.”
- Hippocrates

Obtaining or maintaining good health begins from the ground up. We can only be as healthy as what we choose to water and feed our body.

The Ayurvedic Approach To Nutrition

Ayurveda is an ancient medicine and considered to be the foundation of many other Complimentary treatment therapies. Ayurveda believes that each person is an individual, and that each individual has their own unique nutritional needs. Like Chinese medicine it works off the foundations of the five elements of nature, Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Connecting us with nature, believing that by living in harmony with nature and understanding our unique Dosha ( body type) we can experience better health. Digestion is the focus. In Ayurveda the focus is not only what we eat, but more important what we digest that contributes to the state of our health.

Supplements vs. Food

Do we really need to choose?

The USDA has discovered that at least 75% of the US population does not meet the Recommended Daily Allowances for vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. And the position of the American Medical Association is every person should be taking a Multivitamin daily.

We know that supplements alone will never meet our nutritional needs as whole foods have many nutrients which have not been discovered. We also know that during times of illness the need for certain nutrients increase. This is where it is important to discover your individual needs based on nutrition/medical history and genetics.

When diet, supplements and physical activity are partnered your personal best results can be achieved.

According to the CDC, at least half of the top 10 causes of death are directly related to nutrition and lifestyle. That list includes heart disease, diabetes, kidney problems, and cancer, all of which are directly impacted through lifestyle change and nutrition therapy. Peer-reviewed literature recognizes that good nutrition and lifestyle habits create a quality of life that decreases complications related to these chronic diseases.

You Can Be Incharge Of Your Health With A Little TLC!

Most doctors want to help their patients improve their nutritional status, but many physicians do not have the tools, time, or support staff to walk you though the ongoing daily lifestyle choices it takes to make significant lasting changes.

As a comprehensive wellness center owned by Health & Lifestyle Coach, Vickie Nickerson, and her support staff at Envision Personalized Health possess over 50 years of combined professional experience including medical nutrition therapy, alternative health, stress reduction, and weight and lifestyle management. At Envision we are able to educate and coach our clients on nutrition science so that they are able to make lasting changes that will positively affect their health.

Envision Personalized Health offers private nutrition sessions and a variety of programs to meet your individual needs.
Private nutritional sessions
Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) program

We would be happy to provide a packet of information regarding the TLC program and meet with you in a free consultation to answer any questions you may have about it or Envision Personalized Health. 

Programs & Packages

Programs Offered

An initial set up for all new and returning clients. This initial set-up is necessary in order to provide you with a personalized detail program suited not only for your current conditions but for your health and fitness goals.

  • Review and analysis of your food log and health history,
  • body composition analysis, 
  • personalized meal plan recommendations,
  • strategies and tips for achieving optimal health.

Initial Intake: $120 / $150 (individual/family). Initial set up consists of 1 1/2 hour. includes health history evaluation and  data gathering session, with report off findings and presentation of your individualized / family plan.

1, 2, & 3 month preipaid nutrition programs available for additional savings
Packages include: your initial set up, a customized program, plus the much needed support from weekly, ever other week, or once a month, one-on-one meetings with one of our Nutritionist, Registered Dietician, or Ayurvedic practitioners. No embarrassing public weight-ins. Appointments are held in our private wellness center. Reimbursements may be available through your insurance company.

Individual / Family Follow Up Appointments

Initial Visit and Program set-up – $120 / 150 ( Individual / Family) includes
  Health History / Evaluation (Data Gathering
Plan Creation/Presentation ( Report of Findings/ Plan)

Follow Up Visit Individual –
45 min - $65
60 Min -$80

Follow Up Visit Family –
45 min - $85
60 Min - $110
Lab Review $75
TLC Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Program

If you have struggled with managing and maintaining a healthy weight and have a BMI over 30, you qualify for the program. In 2015 obesity (a BMI over 30) was deemed by the American Medical Association as a disease. Mandates were put in place to require physicians and insurance carriers to provide a preventative program to the public. This is due to the alarming rise in obesity in United States and the escalating health care costs associated with it. Obesity is a major contributor to disease, disability, and death.

In the past you may have tried numerous weight management programs, deprivation diets, very low calorie shakes, prepackaged foods, and excessive exercise. In my nearly 30 years of helping people manage their weight and lifestyles, I have found that these programs and methods don’t work. In fact they often leave you heavier once you go off the program. These programs throw off your metabolism and do not solve the reason why you gained weight to begin with.

TLC is different ! The focus is not so much on starving or beating the weight off, but rather balancing your body and creating new lifestyle habits. Through sound education, motivation, accountability and with support we can get to the core of why you have difficulty keeping a healthy balanced weight.

We will discover many aspects of a balanced healthy lifestyle. You will meet many different educators and will be given a chance to sample several alternative therapies and pathways to a healthier body.
You may be covered with insurance for this program
All nutrition programs may be customized both in price and services to accommodate your specific budget and health needs.
What can a Nutritionist Consultant do for you?
  • Develop a comprehensive nutrition profile; including nutrition lifestyle goals. The nutrition professional assists an individual in developing a comprehensive, confidential nutritional analysis. Specialized training enables the nutrition professional to ask pertinent questions necessary for defining personal health goals and providing customized nutrition programs.
  • Analyze current nutritional status and lifestyle behavior patterns. There are many aspects involved in an individual’s nutritional status. Analysis of these components in conjunction with personal objectives, current lifestyle, and environmental factors by a trained nutrition professional provides a major benefit towards the achievement of an individual’s health goals.
  • Identify weaknesses and recommend improvement. The nutrition professional objective is to help design a strategy for overcoming the weaknesses in a person’s present health program and to provide specific recommendations to assist in the achievement of improved health objectives.
  • Coordinate the implementation of your plan. Any nutritional program, no matter how impressive or well-designed, is worthless unless it is implemented. The true talent of the nutrition professional is seeing that all the elements of your program are put into effect and successfully carried out.

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