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Wellness Team

Vickie Nickerson 
Owner: Envision Personalized Health
Personal Trainer 
Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

A leader in her industry, Vickie has nearly 30 years' experience in the development of personal fitness and wellness programs for clients. Vickie works with clients of all fitness levels and health needs. Her passion for teaching makes her not only an excellent personal trainer and mentor to her clients but also a mentor also to other health and fitness professionals wishing to improve their skills. College students and certified personal trainers and other alternative health professionals utilize Vickie's experience and expertise with hands-on learning internships at Envision Personalized Health. Current studies are in Ayurveda Wellness Counselor & Institute of Integrative Nutrition. ​Vickie is dedicated to establishing a high quality of standards for selecting only qualified and caring personal trainers, estheticians, massage therapists, and health care professionals for her Private Wellness Center.


John Hurrell
Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

John’s life experiences provide him with a great passion to coach others with their own health, wellness and happiness.  His excitement for continuous improvement of health and well-being stem from his own success of managing diabetes for 18 years.  John utilizes compassion and understanding to assist clients to create an improved mobility in life and nutritional choices in order to enhance health and well-being.  There is a love for making healthy cooking easier to learn and time efficient, which is excited to share with his clients.


Trisha Olson
California State Licensed Esthetician

Trisha's passion and excitement for skincare began years ago when she suffered from teenage acne and later from some scarring and sun damage. She wanted her skin to glow and keep a youthful look. After being a stay-at-home-mom for seven years and eventually deciding it was time to go back to work, earning her Esthetician License was the logical choice. Trisha believes that a daily home-care regimen with quality skincare products is very important. Additionally, monthly facials and, in some cases, enhanced and more aggressive procedures such as peels and micro-dermabrasion, will result in beautiful and more healthy skin. Waxing and eyelash extensions are other services Trisha provides to maximize your overall sense of beauty and well-being.


Julia Cook
Owner: Julia Cook Massage 

As a graduate of Vitality Healing Arts, and owner of Julia cook massage, Julia is passionate about helping people not only relieve pain, but increase their vitality by becoming and healthy. She has been helping people move forward in their journey of health for nearly 10 years now. Health, Fitness, and Well-being for her clients is the plan. She has a particular passion for helping people who struggle with health.


Tiffany Nef
Personal Trainer

Credentials include:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
  • Pain Free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC)
  • Bachelors of Science (BS) in Biomedical Sciences with a Minor in Biochemistry from BYU – Hawaii
  • America Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) certified
  • USA Swimming Coach and Official certified

Feeling stagnant, lost, weak, or drained? Don’t know where to start or how to achieve your health and fitness goals? Wanting more than a cookie cutter workout from a fitspo you found on social media? Tired of 30 day challenges that aren’t giving you the results you want? Nervous about breaking the taboo of gender based workouts? Realizing that spot reducing and fat blasting programs are false advertisement and want a program that drops more than water weight? Want to get strong, gain muscle, or do some body recomp (toning)? Need accountability? Miss having a coach to call you out and/or cheer you on? Want to try something new? Well, Tiffany Nef is here to help.

Tiffany is passionate about programming the most beneficial exercises for YOU as she considers the aspects of your everyday life and most importantly, your short and long term goals. As a coach, she also educates clients on the science behind their programs by providing resources that are backed by reliable sources.She strives for her clients to take away more than just the physical rewards from personal training, but also a knowledge bank they can pull from in order to achieve longevity and functionality throughout their lifetime.

Tiffany's mission is to train clients in a way that they feel, see, and understand how they can progress, assess, and achieve goals that benefit their health and fitness life-long journey.


Danyel Proietti
Intern Trainer

Danyel has always had a passion for helping others. She finds great joy in giving others the tools they need to be the best version of themselves long term.

A few years ago she quit smoking and had gained a substantial amount of weight. She found that she was unhappy and unhealthy. It was here where her fitness journey began. After straining to stay consistent and not getting results or hitting her goals She decided enough was enough. In 2020 despite the pandemic, she recommitted to her health and lost over 70 pounds. She has completed numerous half marathons, and a Spartan Race. She will be running her first marathon and going for her first Spartan Trifecta in the near future. She is currently studying for her personal trainers exam with American Council On Exercise, while mentoring with Envision Personalized Health' s owner Vickie Nickerson.

Danyel has the drive and the compassion to help you become your personal best, and is looking forward to helping clients meet their wellness goals.