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Functional Movement Exercise

Improve everyday improvements through functional exercises.

Your personal trainer, or funcitional movement specialist will design a program for your body's needs,  which will prevent, or alleviate the strain and stress of injuries, or everyday movement patterns.

The process of correcting body mechanics is not quick and effortless. Restoring the balance of mobility, stability, and strength through out all ranges of movement is one of our goals in our treatment program.  Long term relief is gradual, but you will feel better, and have more energy with less injury in the long run.


Sprain, strains, aches, pains, acute trauma, surgery... any injury that changes your movement for more than a few days will require a re-education of body mechanics, then a strengthing phase.  These types of injuries can accumulate and alter healthy movement patterns in the body, creating added stress and injury to other areas of the body. The Body moves as a system with subsystems, a change in the subsystem will disrupt other subsystems.    


Seniors are more active than ever today. Envisions provides a clean, safe, environment for our seniors, along with one-on-one attention, your trainer will design a program for you to improve the ease of your daily activities. Balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance are the core components of senior programs. Nutritional counseling is also offered.

Sessions are private by appointment .

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