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Personalized Fitness

Weight Management
Need motivation? Your personal trainer will motivate you and boost your metabolism and improve your weight loss success with appropriate, yet challenging exercises for your fitness level. Your program can include a combination of fun exercise, and a workable nutrition plan to help you lose weight, while creating changes which will last a lifetime.
Functional Exercise
Improve everyday improvements through functional exercises. Your trainer will design a program for your body's needs, preventing or alleviating the strain and stress of everyday movement. You will feel better, and have more energy with less injury.
Building Strength and Muscle
Strength and conditioning (building muscle) is for men and women of all ages, and fitness levels. Strengthening your muscles can prevent injury, increase your metabolism, improves your overall strength, and protect your bones from osteoporosis. Not only will you look good, but you will feel good too.
Core Conditioning
There is a lot of buzz today about "core conditioning".
Core conditioning is more than doing exercises difficult for even a circus performer.
The muscles which make up the "core" are the back, adominals, inner thighs, pelvic girdle, and hips. Balancing both the strength and flexibility of these muscles will create strength in the core, without injury to the spine. Developing both a safe and effective program is important. With the many approaches to strengthening the core, men, women, and seniors will find benefit to these exercises in their personal training program.
Seniors are more active than ever today. Envisions provides a clean, safe, environment for our seniors, along with one-on-one attention, your trainer will design a program for you to improve the ease of your daily activities. Balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance are the core components of senior programs. Nutritional counseling is also offered.
Wellness Programs
Stretching, visualization, stress management, yoga, massage, and spa treatments are available. In today's society, stress and inactivity has become a way of life. Envisions can provide tools for managing these sometimes neglected areas of health. Feel the benefits of reduced blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, relief of muscle tension, and a clearer thought process.
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