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Being overweight or falling out of good health is rarely an over eating or laziness issue. It's more often than not, a matter of the heart.

Being overweight or falling out of good health, is rarely an overeating or laziness issue. It’s more often than not, a matter of the heart problem. Whether we feel loved, are hiding a hurt, or stuffing our anger unmet needs can take a significant toll on the overall health of our mind and body.

I have had the privilege to have long and successful career of helping people with personalized health and fitness. However,  I began to wonder if after 30 years of teaching, if I was still relevant in the fitness industry. I look around today and see intense boot camps where extreme fitness group exercise is the newest trend.
It is as if we have to feel pain to be alive.  As I think about my own journey of fitness, I agree the feeling of strength and power that comes from pushing yourself beyond what you think you can do is amazing for self esteem. But there is a place for balance as well. This is especially true  if you are excessively heavy, out of condition, have pre-existing health conditions, are stressed out and exhausted, or are a bit older.  Bringing your body to a place of balance before you push it to extremes is where I do my best work.  I have a lifetime of experience in meeting clients where they are no matter how far from health they might be. Learning about each individual client’s  health and history is such an important part of designing a truly personal program of health and fitness.

If you are ready to begin a journey of personal power through health. Give me a call for a private appointment.

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