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Jeffrey L.

Company Name: Garage Door Medics


I have worked with a few Personal Trainers over the years.† They were all good, but Ben stands out.† His intrigue with what ailed me had him investigating options to help me specifically.† I have a tight hip, on the interior of the joint.† Ben would take time during the week to try the techniques on himself first and then present the ones he thought were applicable to my unique issues. †As with any good program, I need to do more at home.† But, these techniques were on point and revealed the weakness in the specific muscle groups and connective tissue that limited my range of motion.† Ben also assisted me with some Range-of-Motion and PNF stretching (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) at the beginning of the training sessions.† This was most beneficial as it allowed me to move into the exercise/stretching techniques I was doing on my own with the connective tissue already primed and familiar with what I needed to do, and, where they needed to take the leg and hip.† It was most educational.† I have all the tools I need to improve my hip and look forward to the process of releasing the tension within.† Thanks Ben. †


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