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Semi-Private and Small Group Yoga Sessions

Semi-Private Yoga


With most of the elements of Private Yoga Session, our Semi-Private sessions (no more than 3 people) will give special attention to your specific needs along with support from like-minded people sharing the same goals. It's great for people who may feel intimidated by classes, need more individualized support, or desire to fine tune their practice. Signing up with a friend in a semi-private session is a great way to share the commitment and journey of yoga.


(4-10 persons) Keeps the personalized approach of semi-private sessions, but also helps you move you along to the goal of a more independent practice. In the small group setting the yoga instructor remains able to assist with personalized guidance and alignment without sacrificing the flow of the session. Small group sessions allow us to experience sangha, or what we know as community.

First small group class is free with purchase of a 5 pack register online .


We suggest you start with our private session.

A private sessions allows you and your instructor to explore your abilities and personal yoga needs which will help in determining your practice focus and selection of private semi private or small group placement for future sessions.

Please call 619-229-9695 or register online to receive an online onsultation.​